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Some of these streams may contain voices or scenes intended for mature audiences.

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Internet that’s designed and supported for gamers, by gamers.

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“Power Paths” For Peak Performance and Protection

Say goodbye to lag and improve your gaming experience.
Our partnerships with top providers ensure optimised peering for the fastest and most reliable Internet connections to game servers as well as the best DDoS protection around

A Network That’s Never Nerfed

Unleash your gaming potential with our lightning-fast internet and DDoS protection. No lag, no interruptions, just non-stop gaming action.

Ludicrous Latency. Ultimate Uptime.

You win or lose any game on three things: your skill, your connection, and your hardware. 

We can provide one, but the rest is up to you.

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Real-world routable (static) may be needed for some types of gaming (particularly peer-to-peer on consoles) or if you need to connect back into your network to access services remotely (such as for security cameras) or host servers.

You have 2 options for this:

  • $0.15 per day
    the IP address you are allocated will only persist while you keep this service active.

  • $100 refundable deposit
    This will entitle you to use a static, real world routable (non-CGNAT) IPv4 address on a single connection at a time with Launtel for as long as you need it at no extra charge. At a time you no longer need this you may surrender it for a full refund of the purchase price. Unfortunately due to internet restrictions you are unable to take this IPv4 address to another provider