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Let’s think about changing how we change the world…

  launtel are not here to just provide kick-arse phone solutions and the best broadband network in Australia, we actually want to make the world a better place too. As we grow, we’ve been thinking about how we do that. Do we sponsor things? Do we provide funding to third world countries? Do we empower
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AVC charge Launtel little bytes bites

What’s an AVC charge on the NBN?

  When you sign up for an NBN connection, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) must purchase a connection to your house from NBN Co. One of the costs associated with this connection is the Access Virtual Circuit (AVC) cost. The AVC cost is fixed every month and only varies in price depending on the peak
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Megabit verse Megabyte Launtel little bytes bites

The difference between a Megabit and a Megabyte

  The confusion between these two terms is caused by people being lazy about how they write or talk about them. While they’re both about data, they’re quite different in how they are used. A Megabyte (MB) is a measurement of an amount of data, so your document or picture is so many MB. A
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What makes Launtel different?

We don’t sell set packages, we tailor a solution to meet your needs.

We won’t lock you in to a contract.

If you’re not delighted with our service, you can ShortPay your bill.

We’re local. No call centres. With us, it’s personal.

“I’m extremely satisfied with the services and products provided by the team at Launtel. They are always very responsive and easy to contact. Their recent advice saved my business more than $1,200 per year. I would happily recommend them to anyone.”