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Upgrade from copper to fibre nbn®

The nbn® is extending it’s fibre network to more towns across Australia and your home maybe eligible for an upgrade to fibre and the extra speed and flexibility features offered by Launtel!

It’s simple to find out if nbn® have made your home eligible for an optional upgrade using the address lookup tool below.

A fully refundable $200 deposit is required to secure your upgrade and our award-winning customer support team will take care of the transition. Complete 12 consecutive months on your new FTTP connection (min speed tier applies*) and we’ll refund your $200 deposit!

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*Minimum speed
Home Superfast (250/25) if upgrading from FTTC (Fibre to the Curb)
HomeFast (100/20) if upgrading from FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Launtel is built differently to other telcos from the ground up

And we want you to experience it, that’s why we give you your first week free.

Our customers love us

And we love them. We average 4.9 stars from almost 1000 reviews on If you don't know, that's the highest ranking in Australia.

We'll organise the install

To keep the transition easy and smooth we'll coordinate the upgrade with you and nbn®.

No contracts, just great service

We keep our 13,855 customers with a dedication to service, not by forcing them stay with contracts. When you connect, that’s what you get – super service and no commitments (except our commitment to you).

Performance matters

Get low-as-you-can-go pings and latency with speeds as fast as advertised for streaming, gaming, and everything else.

Upgrade from copper to full fibre supported by a premium network and red carpet service from right here in Australia

Full fibre now to more properties

Over the next 2 years, nbn® are rolling out fibre upgrades to around 2 million properties to help more people across Australia enjoy faster internet speeds. With Launtel’s flexible network, full fibre connections give you more customisable features too.

The only requirement is that you commit to one of our higher-speed connections for a year.

Australian owned and operated​

Outsourcing and off-shoring might be “efficient” business. In our eyes, it also makes for second-rate business. That’s why almost 15 years later, we’re still based where it all started – in beautiful Launnie (or Lonnie, whatever you want to run with). What’s more, our team is 100% located on Australian soil, so you’ll always speak with a local person who understands your situation with direct knowledge on how our network is built.

Pure fibre now available to more properties

We recently asked customers what they loved about Launtel. No scripts, no guidance, just raw feedback. Here’s some of it.

Are you ready to play and work faster with Australia's fast and flexible network?

Real-world routable (static) may be needed for some types of gaming (particularly peer-to-peer on consoles) or if you need to connect back into your network to access services remotely (such as for security cameras) or host servers.

You have 2 options for this:

  • $0.15 per day
    the IP address you are allocated will only persist while you keep this service active.

  • $100 refundable deposit
    This will entitle you to use a static, real world routable (non-CGNAT) IPv4 address on a single connection at a time with Launtel for as long as you need it at no extra charge. At a time you no longer need this you may surrender it for a full refund of the purchase price. Unfortunately due to internet restrictions you are unable to take this IPv4 address to another provider