Our History

Launtel (originally stood for the ultra original 'Launceston Telecom') is based in Launceston, Tasmania and now services the whole of Australia.

The company commenced trading in 2007 as Launtel Pty Ltd with sole director Damian Ivereigh and has now grown to include a team of experienced technicians together with customer and business support all right here in Australia.

Launtel was born out of Damian’s ongoing frustration with the impersonal service that he and many small business associates experienced with large telcos. This was also when it was decided there should be no contracts – we wanted people to stay with us because they wanted to, not because they had to.

Launtel also became a specialist in the provision of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technologies that had just begun emerging at the time and which formed part of Damian’s background in programming and code writing for CISCO systems, one of the world’s largest internet development companies.

Launtel had originally structured its operation specifically to provide highly personalised services to small to medium enterprise in Tasmania. However, after launching innovations in recent years such as the first Gigabit nbn connections and the industry first User Portal.

We may be a small company in comparison to the big 3, but that hasn’t stopped us doing big things in providing national business solutions where the other companies couldn’t. And now we're servicing the whole of Australia with our premium connection options and Gigabit speeds available in over 450,000 homes.

We know that you’ll find Launtel, intuitive, reliable and intelligent and best of all we know you’ll find that Launtel has a heart.

Why Choose Us

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Fast Activation

In three easy steps you can have superfast internet LIVE within 20 minutes!


Your own DIY Portal

Change your speed, pause your service, even move house fee free!

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No Contracts

Big telcos rely on contracts to lock you in – we don’t think that’s fair.

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Australian Support

We don’t pass you around. We understand our network and can make good stuff happen fast.


Customised Solutions

The big telcos have to sell set packages. We provide full customisation.


No Slowdowns

Launtel buys a stack of bandwidth so it doesn’t slow down or buffer at peak times.


Our Blue Ocean Philosophy

Our networks are built to give you free space.


We Genuinely Care

We genuinely care about having happy and empowered customers.

Who we are

Launtel (Launceston Telecom) is based in Launceston, Tasmania. The company commenced trading in 2007 as Launtel Pty Ltd with sole director Damian Ivereigh and has now grown to include a team of staff including experienced technicians and administrative staff.

It was born out of frustration that the big telcos weren’t delivering what businesses needed.

Team members

Damian Ivereigh

Managing Director and Head of Technology

Adam Heathcote

Network Specialist

Alec Atkins

Business Liason

Adam Poulton

Business Liaison


Accounts and Administration Manager

Jim Keenan

Technical Manager

Matt Fleming

Technical Support

We’re at your call.

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