Why do we need your address to get prices to you?

Many people are surprised when we ask them for their address before giving them any information about prices.

The first thing we need to say is this is not about adding you to some marketing database. Our main purpose is to allow us to determine what we can offer you, what speeds you can get and at what price.

Unlike many large providers we use a combination of our own network and others to reach all of Australia, some areas we don’t reach at all. Because of these differences we have elected not to have flat pricing across the country. This us allows us to reach many areas that are otherwise not commercially viable, allowing us to give the best possible pricing at different locations. We are also increasingly connecting to non-NBN providers, who give us different pricing again. 

While we do store your address, we don’t know who you are (unless you sign up), we do this so that we can get an idea of demand in various areas to direct our future rollout. We promise we will never send you any postal junk mail (it isn’t very effective anyway – who reads snail mail?)

So we apologise in advance if you feel intruded upon by this, that is not our intention. There is nothing to stop you putting in your neighbours address, if it worries you, you will at least get an approximate result. 

Damian Ivereigh
CEO Launtel