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Updates to “Introducing Credit Card Transaction Fees” for some transactions on the 1st September 2022

We recently sent an email to all of our customers on 02/08/2022 with the subject title “Introduction of Processing Fees for credit card Transactions under $100”.

Since the initial email, we have discovered that our credit card provider had been overcharging us for transaction fees resulting in us overstating the costs. The good news is that we can now reduce the fees we are passing onto our customers from a flat charge of $1 each to a 10c fee + 0.89%. This will result in a maximum possible credit card fee of 99c on a $99.99 credit card transaction.

The great news is that the fees are going to actually be lower than we advertised.

We are making the following changes on 01/09/2022:

Manual Charge up on Account

A 10c fixed charge + 0.89% for manual card transactions of less than $100.

Transactions of $100 or above will remain free of charge.

Auto Recharge

Automatic card transactions of less than $100 will receive a 50% reduction of the total transaction fee.

Transactions of $100 or above will remain free of charge.


FREE of charge for all payments. Remember, you may be able to set up automatic recurring PayID payments in your bank’s internet banking portal.

We will soon have an auto recharge option for PayID.

Please reach out to our friendly team if you require any further information or would like some help with PayID.


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