We're Sorry




We’re really sorry.

Sorry you have no reason to trust a telco

Sorry your internet chokes because your telco has crammed too many people on the network

Sorry for all the time you’ve been on hold or passed around in call centres only to have to repeat yourself over and over again

Sorry for all the times you’ve waited around for someone to come to fix something only for them to never show

Sorry you’ve been taught to think that everything to do with a telco has to be hard

Sorry for all the times you were blamed for something that wasn’t your fault

Sorry for charging you a fee when moving house even though it doesn’t cost the telco anything

Sorry that not all parts of Australia have access to all the speeds you deserve

Sorry you’ve been charged for your internet when you’re on holiday!


We’re so sorry, we decided to build a company that wasn’t like the rest.

And how do you know?

Try for yourself, for free, no contracts or obligation to stay.
Fast and flexible the way the NBN was meant to be.

Get Launtel at your house in minutes!

Not convinced yet?

Here are just some of our features

Your own DIY Portal

Change your speed, pause your service, even move house fee free!

Fast Response Icon

Fast Activation

In three easy steps you can have superfast internet LIVE within 20 minutes!

No Contracts Icon

No Contracts

We prefer to keep customers with a great experience rather than lock you in with a contract.


No Slowdowns

Launtel buys a stack of bandwidth so it doesn’t slow down or buffer at peak times.

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Australian Support

We don’t pass you around. We understand our network and can make good stuff happen fast.


We Genuinely Care

We genuinely care about having happy and empowered customers.

What our customers say