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Launtel have the experience and control over the network chain to ensure your call quality.

It’s likely we’ve all been on the phone to someone who’s had a poor quality VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) connection. It’s the type of phone system used by offices to minimise call costs and runs over the internet rather than the old ISDN lines. You can tell a poor quality connection when you hear echo, breaking up, or just the abrupt termination of a call. For a residential call this is inconvenient, but for business this is unacceptable.

Telcos have a bad reputation for passing the buck, and sadly it’s often the business owner who is already time poor being caught in the middle. With Launtel, the buck stops with us.

launtel have over 7 years experience in implementing VoIP systems in Tasmania which is unique due to the way internet is connected over Bass Strait.

Over time we’ve developed standards and methods for designing networks and selecting equipment to minimise the risk of call quality issues. After all, it’s better to design the network for call quality rather than attempt to fix it afterwards!

  • No call centres
  • Business grade nbn service
  • All local staff (including our techs)
  • Short Pay your bill if you’re not delighted
  • We sell solutions, not just products.