1800 help lines call centres







There are too many ‘call centres’ and ‘help lines’ in Australia using an antiquated and inefficient system.

Launtel are proud to be innovators in this field, creating individualised solutions that saves money, saves time and creates a better experience for the caller. Typical well known Help Lines include the Reading Writing Hotline; Kids Helpline; Mensline and many credit card and bank institution assistance lines.

Launtel is experienced in the development and establishment of 1300/1800 Help Lines and can also devise specialised software for your requirements to analyse data, monitor call costs, report on usage as well as a myriad of other services.

National helpline 1800 Mum2Mum helped 88,000 breastfeeding mothers in Australia in 2015 and this new innovative way of connecting homes, was created right here in Launceston by Launtel. The best part is there’s no physical call centre. A call just hunts through the assigned network until a volunteer is found and marked available at their own home. This innovation has seen call volumes increase dramatically without adding extra burden to the volunteers.

Contact Launtel today for no obligation guidance and advice on your required Helpline structure and needs where ever you are in Australia.