Delivering true and reliable business grade nbn™ for Tasmanian customers.

There are a range of differences between a Launtel business grade nbn connection, and those being offered by other telcos.

It’s important to ask yourself, can my business operate if we lose our internet connection? Especially when you consider this nbn connection will likely include your alarms, security cameras, Eftpos, phone and all your cloud services.

The Difference

We run dual cables – recently we’ve seen businesses in Tasmania lose internet for long periods simply because an nbn connection had been cut somewhere between Hobart and Launceston. Whilst we can’t guarantee that there will never be an outage, we can guarantee that we’ve gone to great lengths to minimise that risk by running dual cables so one can act as a backup should something go awry. This obviously costs us more to deliver, but we know how expensive downtime can be for a business.

We designate more capacity – the real strength of a network is not how much or how fast a download a telco offers you, but it’s ability to deliver even in PEAK times. You’ll notice telcos say ‘up to’ a particular speed. That’s because those speeds are rarely reached during peak times. But when does business usually need the internet the most? That’s right, in peak times. So we pay for more capacity on the cable, to ensure there’s less chance of your data getting squeezed.

We’re local – there’s no need to call a centre somewhere else in the world to let them know you’ve got a problem. We’re right here, we know what’s happening, and we can offer solutions quickly.

ShortPay – this isn’t really about our network, but more our ethos. If you don’t think you received the quality of service that you paid for, just Short Pay the bill. And if you still don’t think we’re any better than the other telcos within 60 days we’ll even refund what you’ve paid us and help you transition to someone else. No contracts to lock you in. We’re not focused on using contracts to make you stay and pay. We’re focused on delivering a service that makes you want to stay.

The Transition

Transitioning a business to the nbn is a process involving many different suppliers working closely together, people such as your IT department, alarm system provider, EFTPOS merchant, phone system maintainer, photocopier supplier. It’s all about precision: the importance of effective management by a single project manager cannot be overstated. Unlike the big telcos, the Launtel’s management of the transition is done by one person as opposed to having multiple departments who pass the buck or may not know what they don’t know. A misstep in the transition could mean your business is unable to receive phone calls and sadly we’ve rescued other businesses only after they’ve spent weeks (yes weeks!) without phones or internet.

If you’re moving to a new property, or want to get your existing premise switched to nbn, we’re here to help. Call 1800 LAUNTEL.