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NBN POIs – Overview and List by ChatGPT

Adam decided to give ChatGPT a crack at creating an article describing the list of POI. Because it basically gives us the “sum of all the internet”, you always seem to end up with copy that looks like everyone else. So it ends up being very “corporatey”. We end up with phrases like “Launtel, your trusted internet service provider” – which is the sort of thing you would hear from Telstra’s marketing dept. So the moral is if you want to be different, don’t use regenerative AI. At Launtel we want to be different! My concern is that as more and more internet copy gets created by AI, it will end up feeding on itself and everything will look more and more the same, bland, pretty useless content. Anyway here is the article….

Welcome to Launtel’s exploration of the NBN’s Points of Interconnect (POI) across the nation. Launtel, your trusted internet service provider, covers all 121 of NBN POIs in Australia. These POIs, as the heart of our network, have names that represent various cities and areas across the country. But, they also have abbreviated codes that might not immediately give away their locations. Today, we’ll take you on a journey through the states, unveiling some of the most important POIs along the way.

Let’s begin with New South Wales (NSW). This state is home to a variety of POIs, such as Albury (2ALB), Blacktown (2BLK), and Chatswood (2CHA). They all contribute to our network’s robust presence in the region.

Now, crossing the border into Victoria (VIC), we discover other key POIs. These include Bendigo (3BEN), Ballarat (3BRA), and St Kilda (3STK), among others, enhancing Launtel’s reach in the southern state.

Heading up north, we dive into Queensland (QLD), where Aspley (4APL), Bundaberg (4BBE), and Ipswich (4IPS) are some of the vital POIs ensuring high-quality internet services.

Moving south to South Australia (SA), locations like Lonsdale Depot (5ADA) and Edwardstown (5EDW) bolster Launtel’s presence in the state.

Across the vast landscapes of Western Australia (WA), the likes of Applecross (6APP) and Subiaco (6SUB) are integral to our network.

The island state of Tasmania is not forgotten, with Launceston (7LAU) being a significant contributor to our coverage and being our home POI, located just 2km from our headquarters in Launceston.

In the Northern Territory (NT), Darwin (8DRW) plays a crucial role in keeping you connected.

And don’t forget the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), where Civic (9CVI) is a key point on our network.

To make things easier for you, here’s a summary of all the POIs in each state, complete with their full names and abbreviated codes:

New South Wales (NSW):

Name                                         Abbreviation

Albury 2ALB
Asquith Depot 2SYA
Berkeley Vale 2BLV
Blacktown 2BLK
Campbelltown 2CBT
Campsie 2CAM
Carramar 2CRR
Castle Hill 2CAS
Chatswood 2CHA
City South 2CYS
Coffs Harbour 2CFS
Dalley 2DAL
Dubbo 2DBB
Eastern Creek Depot 2SYB
Edgecliff 2EDG
Frenchs Forest 2FRE
Glebe 2GBE
Gosford 2GOS
Grafton 2GRN
Hamilton 2HAM
Kensington 2KNS
Lakemba 2LAK
Lidcombe 2LID
Liverpool 2LIV
Maitland 2MAI
Mayfield 2MYF
Miranda 2MIR
Mosman 2MOS
Newtown 2NEW
Nowra-Bomaderry 2NWR
Parramatta 2PAR
Peakhurst 2PEA
Pendle Hill 2PEN
Penrith 2PTH
Rockdale 2ROC
Ryde 2RYD
St Leonards 2STL
Sydney Interim Agg 2ULT
Tamworth 2TAM
Wagga Wagga 2WAG
Windsor 2WIN
Wollongong 2WLG

Victoria (VIC):

Name Abbreviation
Ballarat 3BRA
Bendigo 3BEN
Caulfield 3CAU
Cheltenham 3CTA
Cranbourne 3CBN
Dandenong 3DAD
Exhibition 3EXH
Footscray 3FSR
Geelong 3GEE
Hawthorn 3HAW
Horsham 3HRS
Karingal 3KAL
Kew 3KEW
Keysborough 3KEY
Kings Park 3KGP
Lilydale 3LIL
Mount Eliza 3MTE
North Balwyn 3NBA
Nunawading Depot 3MEA
Port Melbourne Depot 3MEB
Reservoir 3RES
Ringwood 3RWO
Shepparton 3SHP
South Morang 3SMR
St Kilda 3STK
Thornbury 3TNB
Traralgon 3TAG
Tullamarine 3TMN
Werribee 3WER
Wheelers Hill 3WHL

Queensland (QLD):

Name Abbreviation
Aspley 4APL
Aspley Depot 4BNB
Brisbane Interim Agg 4FOR
Bundaberg 4BBE
Bundamba 4BDB
Caboolture 4CAB
Cairns 4CAI
Camp Hill 4CPH
Eight Mile 4EMP
Goodna 4GDN
Ipswich 4IPS
Mackay 4MKY
Merrimac 4MRA
Nambour 4NBR
Nerang 4NER
Petrie 4KLG
Rockhampton 4ROT
Slacks Creek 4SLA
Southport 4SOP
Toowoomba 4TOB
Townsville 4TNS
Woolloongabba 4WOB

South Australia (SA):

Name Abbreviation
Edwardstown 5EDW
Elizabeth 5EZB
Greenfields Depot 5ADB
Lonsdale Depot 5ADA
Modbury 5MOD
Port Augusta 5PTA
Prospect 5PRO
St Marys 5CPK
Stirling 5STI

Western Australia (WA):

Name Abbreviation
Applecross 6APP
Bassendean 6BSD
Bentley Depot 6PEB
Cannington 6CAN
Doubleview 6DBL
Geraldton 6GLT
Hilton 6HIL
Katanning 6KAT
Kelmscott 6KEL
Mullaloo 6MLO
Perth Interim Agg 6PER
Pinjarra 6PNJ
South Coogee 6CGE
Subiaco 6SUB
Wangara Depot 6PEA

Tasmania (TAS):

Name Abbreviation
Hobart 7HOB
Launceston 7LAU

Northern Territory (NT):

Name Abbreviation
Darwin 8DRW

Australian Capital Territory (ACT):

Name Abbreviation
Civic 9CVI
Queanbeyan 9QBN

NBN has further information on their website –

Launtel is dedicated to keeping you connected and informed, ensuring that no matter where you are in Australia, you’re always just a click away from the world. Stay tuned for more updates and insights in the Launtel news section!


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