Enterprize is a pair of innovation hubs in Hobart and Launceston designed to serve and build the Tasmanian startup community.

Enterprize also hosted the Tasmanian GovHack events. These events saw new innovators and techies working across the weekend to deliver new ideas that will enhance the way the general population live. These events were able to boast the fastest connections that were the envy of GovHack locations around the country.

They’re also running an Internet of Things ideas competition for Tasmanian schools. Sound interesting? It’s called the LoRa Schools Challenge.

“In the very near future, gigabit Ethernet will be viewed as one of the essential enabling technologies for regional regeneration. With tools like Blue Ocean Gigabit available, companies will have the option to setup their operations outside dense urban areas where cost of living is more affordable, commute times are less and lifestyle for their employees is vastly improved.”

Gary Mc Darby PhD CEng
CEO Enterprize Tasmania