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Launtel signs on to help bridge the digital divide

In the digital age, having internet access is critical for families to ensure digital literacy and to keep up with the needs of modern education and the job market.

But not every family can afford to connect.

Thanks to a Federal Government initiative, NBN Co are working with Launtel and other service providers including Aussie Broadband, Belong (Telstra), Superloop and TPG to provide up to 30,000 families who currently have no internet at home, a free 50/20 NBN service for 12 months.

“Whilst Launtel are normally known for our high speed connections, we still feel it is important to help out where we can. Helping disadvantaged school children have the opportunity to fully participate in the digital world will give them a huge leg up as they move through their education and into the workplace.” said CEO Adam Poulton.

Launtel are also offering multilingual online chat as part of their support as well as a router/modem to get families that are new to Australia online.

To be eligible, families with school age children will be nominated by participating schools, education authorities and charities/community organisations. These organisations will identify and provide information directly to families within their respective systems about the initiative. The Smith Family, Catholic Network Australia, and Catholic Education WA have already joined the initiative and Launtel hopes more charities will join this initiative to help identify and nominate families that genuinely require this support.

The digital divide is a real concern, so it’s great to see the Australian Government and nbn® doing something to narrow the gap in broadband access. This is their first step while they consider longer-term solutions to digital exclusion and education.

The first families will be connected during Term One of 2023.

More Details

Who is eligible to receive free services?
To be eligible:

  • A family with a student in their first year of compulsory primary school to year 12 is nominated by a participating organisation.
  • The nominated family has no active NBN service.
  • The student has access to digital skills training and devices to safely use the internet.

What organisations are participating in the initiative to identify and nominate families?
The Smith Family, Catholic Network Australia, and Catholic Education WA have joined the initiative, with more organisations to be announced shortly.

These participating nominating organisations will only be identifying and nominating families that are a part of their respective systems. There is no ability for families to self-nominate for this initiative.

Where can parents and schools go to get more information and be nominated?
Participating nominating organisations will provide information directly to schools and parents within their respective systems about the initiative.

What types of NBN services are being provided under the initiative?
The national initiative will provide 50 megabits per second (Mbps) fixed-line services, Fixed-Wireless Plus and Sky Muster Plus services, depending on where the family lives, with large or unlimited data quotas.

When will free services commence?
Free services under the initiative will commence from late February 2023. The one-year of free service begins from the day the service is activated for each family.


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