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Launtel launches an internet option that’s #FastAF

Launch Announcement

As we focus on being Australia’s most innovative ISP, and grow our number of direct connections across Australia, we’re launching a new connection option called FastAF.

#FastAF gives users the confidence that they’re getting the best download connection speed physically possible.

Launtel were the first to launch Gigabit connections in Australia 3 years ago and soon after implemented a User Portal that offered our customers the ultimate flexibility. 

Fast As Fibre is based on the new NBN 1000/50 connection being released on Friday 29th May. 

Not only are we offering FastAF at $4.60 per day, but the Launtel User Portal also allows you to pause the service (stop daily charges) for when you’re away on holiday, change speeds up and down and of course there’s a 7 day free trial for your first week with Launtel.

Assuming a user decides to stay on FastAF without switching to other options in the month, the price for this “up to Gigabit” speed connection amounts to a market leading $139.91 (inc GST) per calendar month.   

We’ve also invested heavily in our nbn network and backhaul capacity to ensure that you experience the fastest speeds possible without peak time slowdowns. You should expect minimum download speeds of 400mbps up to 950mbps. 

We’ve also banished the use of the word “plan”, and are instead reverting to ‘daily options’ to remind everyone that you can choose the speed you have on a daily basis. 

Over 450,000 Australian homes with FTTP and HFC will have access to #FastAF connections. It isn’t available to customers who are in our Vocus/LoLow connection areas, yet, but we’re constantly switching more areas on to direct Launtel Premium connections. There’s also a symmetrical option in there too for those wanting faster uploads!

Check which type of service and connection is available at your home anywhere in Australia

Thanks for reading,

Founder of Launtel

Damian will be live on our Facebook page on Thursday night at 7 doing an AMA with Tech Man Pat to answer your questions about FastAF.


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