Australia's fastest nbn internet gigabit launtel

Australia’s first Gigabit on the nbn™ went live on May 30 2017!

Launtel’s Blue Ocean™ Gigabit Service launched in May 2017 in Launceston and will shortly turn on in Hobart.

Launceston is Australia’s first Gigabit City; Tasmania is Australia’s first Gigabit State.

Globally, 219 million people now have giga-speed connections, a 72% jump in 12 months, we don’t want Tasmania being left behind!

41 cities around the world such as Hyderabad in India, Dingle in Ireland and Chattanooga Tennessee now have gigabit internet services and their economies are booming – we want the same for Tasmania.

What is Gigabit on the nbn™?

Up until May this year, Australians connected to the nbn™ had a choice of connection speeds up to 100mbps down and 40mbps up. As a company we worked with wholesale partners and negotiated with nbn™ to ‘unlock’ a new plan that was 1000mbps down and 400mbps up.

That’s 10x faster than the national maximum.

When you then combine this with Launtel’s low contention ratios (i.e. we make sure each customer is allocated enough space to do what they need to do so they don’t slow down at peak times), we have clients running at up to 100x faster than the national average.

What are the practical benefits?

  1. Increase productivity by removing micro-waits and distractions in business whilst staff are waiting for things to load. Just 5 seconds a minute can equate to 21 days of staff time across the year.
  2. Find new ways of doing things that give you a competitive advantage. For example ARTAS Architects have been able to reduce their building design process from 5 weeks to 2 weeks by using collaborative technologies.
  3. Save freight costs by sending things virtually, or sending files to 3D printers. Some movie and animation studios are still sending files by post or with a person on a plane to get the file back to the studio because it’s quicker than waiting for the upload and download! Gigabit fixes that!
  4. Cut travel time by having life like meetings using virtual and video technologies that means it’s just like being in the room.
  5. Then there are all the innovations you create once you realise what it’s like to not be bound by slow internet!

How do you get it?

Blue Ocean™ Gigabit on the nbn™ is only available to businesses that have an FTTP (fibre to the premise) nbn™ connection.

Just contact us on the form below and we’ll either send a business liaison to come to your business and do a no obligation quote to make sure it’s right for you, or if you just want it now, we can usually have you connected in less than 12 business hours.

What’s the catch?

We don’t like catches. So we don’t have lock-in contracts and if you’re not delighted you can let us know why and ShortPay your bill.

The Fastest NBN Internet in Australia! 10x faster than the typical best and 100x faster than the national average.

Wondering if Gigabit on the nbn™ could empower your business?

Get a free, no-obligation suitability assessment and quote from our business liaison, or if you already know what you want,
in most cases we’ll have you connected within 12 working hours.

Now that’s speed you don’t usually get from a telco!

“We want to provide an internet service that is so fast that internet speed is no longer a limiting factor in a business’s productivity. This will allow business owners to concentrate on building their business, not managing an internet service that can’t keep up with their staff.”

Damian Ivereigh, CEO and Head of Technology