• launtel BLUE OCEAN gigabit internet nbn tasmania

The Gigabit on the nbn will go live at 11:15am on May 30, 2017

Introducing Blue Ocean Gigabit nbn™ from launtel…

Gigabit connections will shine a light onto Tasmania’s business community and allow it to innovate and do business across the globe without limits.

Using pure fibre nbn™ connection (FTTP), we’ll provide speeds 10X faster than the typical maximum and 100x faster than the national average.

That’s an advantage that will see Tasmania lead Australia in to the rapidly expanding Gig-economy – allowing local entrepreneurs and startups to see their creative ideas used around the world, and attract businesses to Tasmania who value the productivity pure fibre can offer.

Our network requires 30 businesses each in Hobart and Launceston who are connected by pure fibre to commit to a connection. Once we achieve that we will go live within days. This could be as early as June 1 2017.


The Fastest NBN Internet in Australia! 10x faster than the typical best and 100x faster than the national average.

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“We want to provide an internet service that is so fast that internet speed is no longer a limiting factor in a business’s productivity. This will allow business owners to concentrate on building their business, not managing an internet service that can’t keep up with their staff.”

Damian Ivereigh, CEO and Head of Technology