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Flood Impacts – NSW and QLD

The flooding that affected Queensland and New South Wales areas in late February and early March 2022 resulted in wides spread damage to properties and outages in many areas of the NBN network.

Launtel and NBN have been quick to help with advise to affected areas and to arrange work crews on site quickly to repair infrastructure and to reactivate services where possible.

Launtel’s aim has been to reduce the financial impact of these floods by providing refunds to affected customers, disconnecting services to save on non required billing if the client will be out of the premises for an extended period of time and by allowing clients to pause their services if they are not in the premises whilst repairs are being completed.

For flood affected clients that may have missed out on these credits and have been billed for NBN services whilst you have not been at the premises due to flooding, please email with relevant dates and service information and we will assist eligible affected customers.


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