Why internet is slow explained with cars…

Too many people (not our customers) complain that the NBN is too slow.

Well it’s not the NBN. The FTTN (fibre to the node) network, whilst crappy can still be good. The FTTP (pure fibre to the premise) network that most of Tasmania has is a beautiful network that’s reasonably reliable and flexible to fulfil data needs for decades to come.

So then why are some connections slow? The crew at CNet explain (sorry about the 15 second ad at the start).

Launtel Business network is a Zero Congestion network. Our Residential network is currently low congestion (much lower than our competitors), but will become a no congestion network in coming months.

If your speeds aren’t what you’re paying for, tell your current provider you want out of the agreement or just give our free 7 day trial a go! We can show you how the NBN was meant to be.