Why we run two NBN cables.

Last week (Dec 2016) Northern Tasmania saw another internet outage with iiNet and Internode. It was caused by a fibre cut. Essentially someone, somewhere may have cut the cable by mistake. Next thing you know essential services have people lining up out the door with EFTPOS (like Chemist Warehouse did), businesses can’t make their phone calls and some no longer have their alarms. Businesses are often complacent about how much impact losing your internet and phones can really have.

But we were surprised to learn something this week. That iiNet/Internode only have a single fibre between Launceston and Hobart. So if it’s cut, there’s no redundancy and that’s asking for trouble. You have to wait for the complicated job of repairing the single fibre cable.

We have dual fibres running from Launceston to Hobart and from Hobart to Melbourne. We actually had a fibre outage during the floods (one of railway bridges that carried the fibre washed away) – but no-one noticed. Frankly this costs us more but is worthwhile given the reliability increase.

There is no question the new fibre network is better – the difference is the copper network had lots of micro-outages affecting small numbers of customers. NBN has outages affecting many people which creates more news. But if you’re serious about having reliable internet connectivity for your business, ask your potential provider, do you have one cable or two?

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