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Don’t blame the NBN…it’s not (usually) their fault.

We think it’s unfair… The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman have seen a 147.8% increase in complaints about the NBN. Nice work to the retailers who have obviously deflected the blame! Many, many faults get blamed on the NBN when in fact these are the fault of the retail service provider (RSP) and their network. Unfortunately, it’s
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What is contention NBN Launtel Tasmania Internet speeds

Why you should know about a contention ratio on NBN…

You might not be surprised to hear this, but I like talking to people about the internet, even if they’re not customers of ours. A comment I’m hearing more and more is that people are feeling their internet is getting slower. This set me thinking about the disconnect between what most people think they are
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wifi not as good for business

WiFi for business isn’t a great idea…

WiFi, the ubiquitous wireless technology that allows devices to connect to the internet over a local connection, isn’t performing as well as it used to. While fixing the issue presents some significant challenges, most of them regulatory, the time is right to make a start. When WiFi was first invented in early 1990’s (a key
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